I am a journalist covering topics with a social justice lens. It’s hard to define just one area, because one would hope social problems would improve to the point I find myself out of a job. I’m covering the Detroit Water shutoffs, but at some point that crisis will end. I’m covering mental health stigma, but that, too, will improve to the point it’s no longer a problem. Homelessness. Lack of access to live-saving medical cannabis. All issues which someday will have closure.

I learned very early that I must always keep moving!

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I’m on the cusp of earning a Master of Arts in Journalism. I have worked as a freelance journalist since 1998. Back then the Internet was a new tool for popular use. I relied on word of mouth to get my stories. I covered the new immigration influx in the community where I lived, as well as numerous arts and entertainment stories.

Today I write for a twice-weekly, small town paper, developing its editorial page and telling the hyper-local stories that happen here.

I have been a journalist since before I could drive.

My first protest resulted in my first journalism job when I was eleven. A few friends and I believed it was unfair that the elementary school newspaper staff was handpicked by the teacher and they did not even have open writing sample submissions. We knew we could produce a higher quality newspaper, even with no budget and cranking it out on my mom’s typewriter and the mimeograph machine at my dad’s office. We did it.

That early experience taught me the power of one. I made a difference then and I knew from that point, my writing could change the world.

My undergraduate work is in creative writing, and I bring the art of storytelling to work with the depth and accuracy of journalism to create compelling, trustworthy multimedia products.

From 2013 through 2014, I worked with the journalist and filmmaker Bill Lichtenstein, a former producer for ABC News, to create media covering the issue of restraint and seclusion of children at school. I worked with the U.S. Senate HELP Committee to investigate the stories parents and former students sent to the senate, and identified and vetted young adults who had suffered restraint and seclusion at school when they were public school students. Mr. Lichtenstein’s 2012 op-ed in the New York Times set off a firestorm of controversy around the issue, which we chronicled. We became an information clearinghouse around the issue, and when the senate rolled out legislation to end the practice and give parents a method of recourse, we led the discussion on Twitter.

That project inspired me to create similar coverage and thought leadership on human rights and social justice issues.

See my resume here: http://document.li/5Vpm


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