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Our ancestors had medical cannabis, but for the last 80 years we’ve been legally barred from using it, even though it’s the greatest naturally occurring anti-inflammatory yet discovered. This is what drove Boris Shcharansky to found Heartland Hemp Company and The Iowa Hemp Association. Shcharansky and his partners are on a tour to raise awareness of the history of hemp and cannabis. It’s been illegal for less time than it was legal, and it was the number one cash crop in the United States from 1800 to 1900. More than corn, beans, tobacco or wheat.

“Hemp was legalized at the federal level in 2014, so we wrote legislation in line with that…both those pieces of legislation died, but…we are working to make this a national issue,” Shcharansky said.

While Shcharansky says his role is strictly as a supplier of hemp, his company has an ambassador who has begun to gain attention. Harli Kirkpatrick is a young Iowa woman with Angelman Syndrome which, among other severe symptoms, caused her to fall into a near-constant state of seizures. Shcharansky worked with manufacturers to deliver free samples to Carli’s mother. “Let’s see if this works for her,” he told her.

According to Harli’s mother, Tami Mugler,

“We had traveled many miles, all the way to Boston, to seek treatment and help for her. Harli’s medicaid would put up obstacles preventing her from trying new medications.
Then an amazing guy sent me a life changing message! He was CEO of an upcoming new company here in Iowa, and he wanted to know if he could help Harli!!! Boris Shcharansky of The Heartland Hemp Company met with me and Harli soon after. He brought with him a 25% CBD pure hemp extract. As hemp and cannabis are virtually the same plant, differentiated by the way in which they are grown, he had a question. On the molecular level CBD should be CBD regardless if its derived from hemp or from cannabis. He was offering Harli the chance to find out.
After several hours of questions from me, and others I had present, it was time for Harli to ask her questions. She had only ONE.
She looked at Boris and wrote ‘will it make me walk’.
With a slight lump in his throat, he put his hand on her shoulder and softly said ‘i hope so.’
Harli began the journey of taking this extract and we slowly titrated the dose until we found her ‘sweet spot’.
Harli has been completely seizure free since August of 2014. She can lift her spoon all on her own, she laughs and giggles and engages those around her, again. She is Harli again.”

The challenge of hemp/cannabis legalization is melding anecdotal evidence like Harli’s with scientific proof.

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2 thoughts on “He delivers the hemp”

  1. Absolutely agree with the thrust of this article and sympathize with anyone who has been persecuted just for possessing a weed! Compared to tobacco and alcohol – infinitely more dangerous and yet legal – this is a plant with tremendously beneficial properties which should be available to everyone who wants to use it, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Drug laws are in place simply to criminalize harmless individuals and are a complete waste of police time. I notice that the County Durham constabulary has already moved to de-criminalize the growing of cannabis plants. Bravo!

    1. Hugh, thank you for your comment. The road to legalization is a long one. Whether one is of the opinion that only cannabidiol with the THC neutralized should be legal, or you feel recreational use should be open to all over 18 or 21, lawmakers and enforcers are generally quite cautious and warn of treble issues that will arise from the legalization.

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