Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis hosts conference, calls question to presidential candidates

The legislative and populist updates on medical cannabis keep springing from public interest and patient need. Today, an update to the multimedia report here.

Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis is hosting a conference Oct. 31 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. in Des Moines, Iowa at the Mickle Center, 1620 Pleasant Street. The organization suggests a $25 donation, but no one will be turned away.

Created by Amy H. Peterson in Piktochart
Created by Amy H. Peterson in Piktochart

The missing piece, according to the group, is petitioning the federal government to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule 2 substance from its current Schedule 1 classification. 
One step already in progress is a questionnaire sent to all candidates for the U.S. presidency. The questions include:

1) Acknowledging the vast body of research showing medical value of cannabis, and acknowledging cannabis has been studied more than any other FDA-approved drug, do you feel cannabis is treated unfairly remaining illegal for conditions such as Cancer, MS, Epilepsy and more?

2) What is your proposed federal policy on medical cannabis and re-scheduling?

3) What is your proposed Federal policy for removing criminal penalties for people who are trying to treat their illnesses with medical cannabis, risking criminalization, loss of assets, and interstate violations?
4) Do you support the CARERS Act? Why or why not?

Because Iowa is an early battleground state for the contested party nominations for all parties next year, Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis introduced the questionnaire. “The states that have medical cannabis programs in place account for about three-fourths of the nation’s population, yet it is still illegal federally.” The advocacy organization asks candidates how they intend to fix the problem.

Seventy to 87 percent of Americans want access to medical cannabis. Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis asks candidates to distinguish between medical cannabis and recreational use, because they are two separate issues. 

Lori Tassin of Des Moines explains it this way: “As a cancer survivor, I want every treatment possible available and legal that might save or prolong life.” 

Representatives of Iowans for Medical Cannabis point out if presidential candidates oppose federal legalization of medical cannabis, “they are going against the wishes of 80 percent of Americans.”

Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis is a coalition of individuals and organization in favor of a safe and controlled medical cannabis program for qualifying debilitating health conditions. We are not associated with recreational use in any way. To date, members of our coalition include the Epilepsy Foundation of North/Central, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, the National MS Society, the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, Community HIV Alliance, and the Easter Seals of Iowa. 

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  1. Iowans for Medical Marijuana and Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis are two different groups. Iowans for Medical Marijuana ( is focused on petitioning the executive branch and the judicial branch and lobbies for change in marijuana’s classification. Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis ( is a patient group that lobbies for a medical marijuana program in Iowa. The two groups have very similar goals and we know each other, but the focus is different. The patients prove the compelling need to make cannabis medicine, but there are legal steps that must be taken to make it work.

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