Women in Science create tech for social justice

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conceived the Clean Energy Prize, the nation’s largest student business plan competition in its eighth year.

The twenty-one student teams of innovators who create technology and the business plans to distribute it, set up displays like a hopped up version of the school science fair.

The Clean Energy prize has a mission to educate the new generation of energy entrepreneurs. The creators have developed collaborative relationships between the academic community, industry, and government organizations, all working to meet the world’s energy challenges.

The goal is tangible results. The dozens of companies that have resulted from the prize have raised over $250 million in venture capital and government funding.


The majority of India’s milk spoils before it can be consumed. The team behind Vorpal invented a high-voltage power supply to directly kill bacteria without heating the liquid. This halves energy cost in pasteurization. The process inactivates bacteria instead of having to heat an entire volume of milk.


Having a drone today is like having a car in 1910. When Reebeez founders Ankita and Prianka got tired of having their camera drone fly only ten minutes as they attempted to shoot a film, they went to the lab to create a micro engine to replace the heavy, expensive lithium polymer batteries. They applied thermoelectric and thermo-photovoltaic technology to create an engine that will run on butane or hydrogen.


At each station, competitors displayed a code and a number voters could text to vote for the innovation they liked best. American Idol may be going off the air, but clean energy innovations may be going to Hollywood.

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