The Homeless — they’re just like us but without a roof

I’m trying to put all my hats together and in the process I’m becoming an unmanageable hyphenate: playwright/activist/journalist/ nonprofit exec/supermodel

That is, all except the last part.

Playwright: I wrote this play called The Feast of Jovi Bono that was presented in New York in 2013. Since then, I have jumped into a Master’s in New Media Journalism that has led me to try to put all of my content into Tweets, videos, podcasts, Instagram images, Facebook, and any other digital packet that could arise.

Behind each play is an activism cause, and on this site I will report on the investigation of those issues. Coming soon: the story of how my director team for The Feast of Jovi Bono in Boston went out in the ugly early snowy morning to volunteer with the homeless. They connected with #BostonWarm — a collection of people in various places who help the homeless through the particularly ghastly winter that has hit Boston this month.

The directors, Laurie and Marina, learned that Boston’s homeless have a writer’s group and a literary magazine edited by a staffer at The Atlantic:!about/c69s

All this is not only to plan for the activism project that we hope will engage the entire cast, crew and audience for the play (which will be performed in Boston in June) but also to create awareness of homelessness.

Meanwhile, my research is showing that the number one way communities and policymakers can end homelessness is by putting people in homes. It will improve educational outcomes for the children. It will improve the health of people with mental illness (who make up a huge chunk of the homeless population). It will reduce criminal activity, substance abuse, joblessness, and all the other ills that come with not having an address of one’s own.

Our production cannot put people in homes, but it’s my goal that no one experience my shows without doing something to alleviate the issues I raise in them — in this case homelessness.

Coming soon — an educational and outreach video.


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