Two medical cannabis experts in social media

The issue with medical cannabis is that the evidence of its effectiveness is anecdotal. This creates controversy in which lawmakers seem to put their fear of a patient getting high (nearly impossible with trace amounts of THC in medical strains) above relieving pain, seizures, tremors, mental illness, and other debilitating disorders.

Two international experts emerge from divergent corners to add to the base of data about the effects of medical marijuana on serious illnesses.

The first is Kyle Kushman. Kushman, a former editor of High Times Magazine is now host of The Grow Show and has spent the last two decades perfecting the cultivation of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. His current focus is on making medical cannabis available to patients.

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There were no mentions of Kushman on LinkedIn, but he does have a  profile.

On Google+, Kushman promotes news and videos about medical cannabis, including this one about the Cannabusiness summit.

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On Facebook, Kushman’s presence is expanding as he also promotes his show.

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